California Energy and Water Rebates Help You Save Money On Your Project

If you are planning a new restaurant, or upgrading equipment in your existing restaurant, plan early and consider selecting energy-wise equipment. Not only will you save money on your gas, electric, and water bills, you may also qualify for California rebates and save money on purchasing or installation. By planning early, these rebates could potentially save thousands of dollars.

An approved gas combi oven can result in up to $2400 in gas rebates; an approved electric combi up to $5000 in rebates per oven. Gas steam cookers can provide rebates up to $2500 per cavity, or $1850 per cavity for electric models.

The extensive list of equipment approved for gas and/or electric rebates includes:

  • Gas or Electric: Combi ovens, convection ovens, steam cookers, fryers, and griddles.
  • Gas Only: Rack ovens and conveyor ovens.
  • Electric Only: Glass door or solid door refrigerators and freezers, air-cooled ice machines, insulated holding cabinets, demand control ventilation systems, and deck ovens.


To learn more, first visit the Food Service Technology Center website,, and look for “Green Your Restaurant.” You can find links to EnergyStar® rated equipment, water use best practices, and energy tips for your restaurant. 

Then click the link to Equipment Rebates, on the right hand side, to view information regarding rebates for SoCalGas and SoCalEdison, along with PG&E and SempraEnergy. Resources include Excel spreadsheets of eligible equipment, rebate catalogs, and applications.

For SoCalEdison, you can register directly online to apply for your rebates. To get a rebate from SoCalEdison, download the PDF application and guide, complete the application, and return via fax or email. In all cases, make sure you have all necessary information, including your account numbers, equipment information (installation date, manufacturer/model, etc.), and any attachments including your paid invoice indicating equipment cost, installation fee, and tax.


For California water rebates, visit and click the small box on the right side labeled “Rebate Information,” and you’ll be taken to the rebates page.  Select “SoCal Water$mart” to view, and select “Commercial Rebates” in the popup window.  Here you’ll find additional information and resources including commercial rebate information, program information, and terms and conditions. In addition you can estimate your rebate online before you apply to the program. The application for MWD is completely online, just create a log-in and get started.

Water incentives are available for: connectionless food steamers ($485 per compartment), air-cooled ice machines ($1000), as well as plumbing fixtures and landscaping equipment.

Start smart and end up with money in your pocket. Contact Shambra Restaurant Consulting to learn more about how choosing the right equipment can save you money.


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