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Say Whee!

Now this beats all. A new concept in the UK will deliver your food to you--wait for it--by rollercoaster. Seems like each table orders via tablet and then your food shoots down from the ceiling to your table. Just don't order the hot soup.

How about an aphrodisiac dinner for two for Valentine's Day?

Daniel Rolnik Gallery / John Kilduff - Artist

Daniel Rolnik Gallery / John Kilduff - Artist

Like food? Like art? How about some tasty art. John Kilduff artist and TV-/internet-host will be featured at this month's LA Art Show, at "Kilduff's Bakery." He'll be painting up "made to order" art in his faux bakery kiosk. So if you like to look at food as well as eat it, order up a cookie or croissant to hang on your walls at home.

Picture from the Daniel Rolnik Gallery.

And lastly, if you like playing with your food, check out this Instagram post. Featuring custard dumplings made in a Hong Kong restaurant, the diner proceeds to demonstrate the funnier aspects of eating such a confection.  


Red O Santa Monica in Haute Living, and other news

SRC News:

Recently opened Red O Santa Monica appears in Haute Living. 

This looks better than a Bloomin' Onion: Jon & Vinny's recipe for cornmeal-fried spring onions with chile aioli. Yum.


News and notable:

A NYC bakery that will hire anyone.

See pics of Clifton's Cafeteria, which opened last week/will open some time this week. 

We're more wine snobs (or pretend to be) but if you like craft beers in LA, you'll like this.

Or, maybe you prefer craft cocktails?


Food and restaurant news

News about our clients:

Red O Santa Monica: The restaurant is offering a wine tasting deal during September for California Wine Month. Choose two three-ounce pours from a number of selected wines for $12. 

Shhh. Is it too soon to mention? Well, toddrickallen did, so I guess we can, too. Mr. Shambra, who worked for CPK prior to starting his firm, was selected by Mr. Flax and Mr. Rosenfield for design services and equipment for their upcoming resto, Bottlefish. No news to provide yet, but look for more details (and photos) soon!

In other news:

Would you try vegetable ice cream?

Chefs discuss the future of dining in LA. Fine dining and minimum wage seem to be trending topics, along with "chef-driven" and "quick-casual."

Get your own personal sommelier, and wine at your door. 

You need this National Food & Event Calendar! Get a comprehensive calendar of every known national food day! Plan your next meal or party! Today, September 15, for example, you could serve creme de menthe, a double cheeseburger, and linguini and celebrate all three foods at once. Mr. Shambra's birthday, you ask? Well, looks like the appropriate thing to serve is apple betty, whatever that is


Keep your best friend cool this summer with ice cream . . . for dogs.

Our fantastic bookkeeper alerted us to this Huffington Post article posted yesterday. While we're known to spoil a friend's two pooches on occasional dog-sitting weekends, we're not quite up to actually tasting the dog's treats for them. Luckily, you don't have to either, as some (un-?) willing writer has done all the taste-testing for you. Whew. 

Yes, There's A Bacon Ice Cream for Dogs. Yes, We Tried It.