It's National Pi Day . . . Where to Fill Your Piehole

So it's Pi Day today, although we never need an excuse to eat one of our favorite desserts any day of the year. So here are a few places to grab some [pi]e of your own.

LA Times is celebrating these places to buy some pie . . . . or you can bake your own. With these 52 recipes, you can have your pie and eat it too, every week of the year.

Join the discussion on Eater LA and put in your own two cents where to get the best pie in LA. House of Pies, Cake Monkey, Four 'N 20, and Republic of Pie seem popular . . . .

Show some love to the American Pie Council (yes, there is such an organization) and get some tasty pie making tips. 

Or if you just want to enjoy your pie at home, Whole Foods is offering a discount today. Yep, $3.14 off any pie. 

Our favorite potato salad is warm - here's why

Mr. Shambra makes a pretty fantastic warm German potato salad, if you didn't know. It's warm, vinegary, and delicious (and his significant other loves it, even if the potato salad she grew up on was served cold). But it turns out, there's some science behind it that says dressing a potato salad when warm yields a better flavor.

The LA Times posted this great article along with a recipe to try out. Mr. Shambra's suggestion: don't wait for it to become cold in the fridge--eat it warm!

Here's the article and recipe.