Food and Restaurant News

We always knew it, of course. Cheese (like chocolate, potato chips, wine, and well, crack) is, as we thought, just like crack. Well now you have proof that your cheese addiction is real.

Need restaurant inspiration? Try out quirky Baroo, a no-frills, no-sign little Korean joint, serving up lots of vegetarian and vegan dishes (don't worry, there's meat too). The name? It's the word for the bowl from which Buddhist monks eat.

Just because summer is nearly over, you shouldn't give up on great fruits and veg. Here's what's in season now.

Lists of people who shouldn't stop for lunch: firetrucks on the way to a three-alarmer, police driving to a bank robbery, and yeah, human tissue transport drivers in downtown LA.

Finally, for you Star Wars fans, don't miss Faith & Flower's off-menu dessert item. The treats are hand-made by pastry chef Josh Graves, just in time to celebrate the December 18 release of Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens. Check out more mouth-watering pics at HuffPost.

Picture from Faith & Flower on Instagram.